Objectives of the Foundation

Our objectives are to:

  • Coordinate with the United Nations and its professional agencies, regional governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations to seek solutions towards resolving religious and ethnic conflicts, environmental disputes and other social conflicts concerning poverty, education, health care, and unemployment, in order to fundamentally eliminate the factors that adversely affect world peace and human well-being.
  • Play an active role in creating win-win solutions for the world's hotspots and issues of greatest concerns.
  • Collaborate with leading think tanks to facilitate research and to promote ongoing dialogues about current world topics and the fate of modern civilization; actively organize and establish the “New Asia Pacific Think Tank”, which is committed to building a new Asian development model by promoting multi-cultural integration through the joint wisdom of the world's top intellectuals.
  • Establish an efficient collaborative system in partnership with the world's non-governmental organizations to promote public awareness and participation pertaining to protecting the earth and the well-being of humans.
  • Promote religious tolerance and dialogue so that people achieve peace of mind and share in the universal goal of world peace.
  • Utilize the enormous influence of new media and modern information technologies to promote dialogue and understanding between eastern cultures and other cultures from around the world.
  • Support philanthropic and public service activities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region.