Introduction to the Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation

Leon H. Charney Leon H. Charney
Korn Dabbaransi Korn Dabbaransi
Colin Heseltine Colin Heseltine
Kenneth David Kaunda K. D. Kaunda
Prachanda Prachanda
Steven Clark Rockefeller, Jr. S. C. Rockefeller
Jack Rosen Jack Rosen
Dr. Ramzi Sanbar Dr. Ramzi Sanbar
Sir Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King Tan S. T. Hiew
Xiao, Wunan Xiao, Wunan

The Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation is an international organization founded by dignitaries, renowned scholars, social activists, internationally influential enterprises, and research institutes in the Asia-Pacific region. The foundation engages in extensive and constructive communication and cooperation with many other organizations in the region. The foundation aims to create a platform for open dialogue and a consultation mechanism to promote regional exchanges, cooperation and resolution of disputes. Moreover, the foundation seeks to achieve the revival of eastern civilization in today’s fast changing world by utilizing its influence, creativity, and action, as well as through public diplomacy, strategic research and public service, in an effort to promote world peace and the well-being of all mankind.