December 31st, 2017

Famous American-Jewish social activist Jack Rosen visits China

(Dispatch from on December 30th, Correspondent: Li Chuanjun) At the end of December, 2017, Mr. Jack Rosen, Chairman of the American Jewish Congress and a Co-Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation, who has world wide influence in the areas of American politics, the economy, culture and education, visited Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shanghai, achieving fruitful results.

Mr. Jack Rosen (right) and Mr. Xiao Wunan (left) pose for a group photo.

Mr. Jack Rosen has visited China for more than 40 times since the 1980s, and he has close contact with leaders of many countries including China. He has invested in China and is interested in Chinese culture and history. He has said many times, “world history is about 5,000 years, and Jewish history has been around for 4,000 years similar to Chinese history. Both Jews and Chinese are nations with profound traditional culture. The Chinese family concept and cultural values are actually very similar to the Jews.” This time he visited China with his children and grandchildren. Two of his grandchildren are learning Chinese. He hopes to hand down the friendship with the Chinese people from generation to generation.

APECF has long been committed to establishing friendship among people of different nations, different regions and different religious backgrounds, especially long-term cooperation with leaders of these counties and regions to jointly promote multicultural exchanges and radically eliminate world crises caused by the clash of civilizations. We believe that Mr. Jack Rosen’s visit to China will further promote the event of “Promote World Peace through Dialogue among Civilizations” initiated by APECF.

Mr. Jack Rosen meets celebrities from all walks of life in Beijing.