March 27th, 2015

Expo Milano 2015 Aquae Venezia signs agreement with Shanghai company

Expo Milano 2015 Aquae Venezia signs agreement with Shanghai company

( - The signing ceremony for Expo Milano 2015 and Guozhou Enterprise was held in Shanghai on March 26. The organizing committee of "The Power of Dream, Come with Love", Aquae Venezia and Guozhou Enterprise signed an agreement, marking another enterprise from Shanghai gracing Expo Milano 2015. APECF Executive Vice Chairman Xiao Wunan, Representative of the Italian Trade Commission, Chief Representative of Expo Milano 2015 Aquae Venezia, Mr. Jiang Yicheng, Organizing Committee Honorary Chairman known as "The Father of World Expo", Chairman of the World Chinese Merchant Association, the representatives for Shanghai Small and Medium Enterprise Development Service Center and other institutions attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Expo Milano 2015 will be held in Milan, Italy from May 1 to October 31, 2015. The main theme of this World Expo is "Nourishing the Planet, the Energy of Life". A series of activities on the theme of "The Power of Dream, Come with Love"were initiated and supported by the China International Culture Association and the Chinese Cultural and Art Promotion Society. The main goal of these activities is "Integration, Sharing and Exchanges", with a major international event as the stage. Through five dream themes, including family, enterprise, city, country and culture, we will work with government institutions, chambers of commerce (associations), brand enterprises and media to deliver the dream of the times throughout the world.

Aside from the main venue in Milan, the organizing committee will put some important activities in Venice. Moreover, Venice is regarded as the European endpoint of the "Silk Road". Hence, Expo Milano 2015 in Venice will make great efforts to build the Aquae Venezia pavilion. The overall area is 50000 square meters. The area of the pavilion is 14000 square meters. In his speech, the chief representative of the Aquae Venezia said China is Italy's most important tourist source, China is regarded as one of the most important participants of Expo Milano 2015 and will contribute not only more than 1 million tourists but also thousands of all kinds of enterprises, including some "star", "rising star" enterprises with large scale and profound influence. These will contribute to increasing trade contacts between the two countries as well as promote technical progress and concept innovation.

APECF Executive Vice Chairman Xiao Wunan said in his speech the World Expo is regarded as the most influential world stage, which is the best way for Chinese companies to go global. Chinese companies must explore new development and cooperation opportunities.

"China is advocating working together to build the'New Silk Road Economic Belt'. The promotion of this strategy will bring unexpected cooperation potential for Chinese companies and countries along the Silk Road. We will introduce more Chinese companies and tourists to Venice, and hope we could actively integrate with the construction of the'New Silk Road Economic Belt'."said Ms. Wang Xingxian, Director of the Organizing Committee of "The Power of Dream, Come with Love". She told reporters the important strategic meaning of the agreement signed by the three parties.

Mr. Jiang Yicheng, Organizing Committee Honorary Chairman, espoused his grand "Post-World Expo Dream". He said we, Chinese people, should continue the spirit of the World Expo to achieve greater value. This is the dream for everyone and more should be the dream of Chinese enterprises as a whole.

APECF Executive Vice Chairman Xiao Wunan delivers a speech

Chief Representative of Expo Milano 2015 Aquae Venezia delivers a speech