May23, 2014

"BDC: The Price of Peace" which mirrors the story of APECF co-chairman Leon Charney won a New York Emmy® Awards for Best Documentary


—— A tribute to world peace in this turbulent time in Middle East

On March 30, 2014, “BDC: the Price of Peace” produced by Channel Production Films won the best documentary for the 57th annual New York Emmy® Awards.

Based on the book “Back Door Channels,” written by Leon H. Charney, APECF co-chairman, the documentary "BDC: The Price of Peace" reveals the negotiations leading up to one of the greatest historical achievements: the 1978-1979 Camp David Peace Accords and Treaty between Egypt and Israel.

“On March 26 this year, it was the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty, and this documentary is an important reminder that peace can be achieved not through guns and bombs but through the lost art of diplomacy and the necessary secrecy involved,” said Charney, who played a consequential role as a backdoor channel and advisor to President Jimmy Carter throughout the Middle East peace process.

Mr. Leon Charney(right) addresses at 57th Annual New York Emmy Awards Gala