15 March 2012

APECF sent a telegram of congratulations on the 101st Birthday of Mr. L.Ron Hubbard

On March 15, Mr. Wunan Xiao, Executive Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation (APECF) sent a telegram of congratulations to celebrate the 101st Birthday of Mr. L.Ron Hubbard, founder of Church of Scientology.


Representing Mr. Wunan Xiao, Mr. Zheng Zhou, Deputy Director of Public Affairs Department of APECF read the telegram of congratulations at L.Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition of Church of Scientology in Los Angeles and then, presented the telegram to Mr. Robert B. Adams,Vice President of Church of Scientology International. Mr. Robert held a ceremony for the presentation of the telegram. And the telegram will be kept as a collection of Church of Scientology.

Mr. ZhouZheng(second from right), Deputy Director of Public Affairs Department of APECF was reading the telegram of congratulations. Mr. Robert B. Adams(First from right), Vice President of Church of Scientology International and others participated in the ceremony.

















The Telegram of Congratulations
March 13, 2012
Dear Respected Robert B. Adams:
It is a great pleasure and honor for me to take this opportunity to extend my deepest respect, through you and your friends, to Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and my best wishes to Scientology while celebrating Mr. L. Ron Hubbard’s 101st Birthday.
In our Oriental culture, a relationship of destiny among diverse peoples is highly regarded. About 20 years ago, I received the book Dianetics, Mr L. Ron Hubbard’s masterpiece. At that time I was scarcely aware of the potential importance of the book. Fortunately, 20 years later, when I visited the L. Ron. Hubbard Life Exhibition in Los Angeles this past February, suddenly I realized that the philosophy and the true meaning of life elaborated in this book was so profound and incisive and it appears to resonate deeply with oriental philosophy upon which Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism have traditionally been based. In another words, it is an exploration of spiritual refinement and the ultimate pursuit of the mystery of life through the cultivation of consciousness and inspiration.
Together we are facing an unstable world as we suffer the consequences of human behavior and our continuous intrusion on nature the last thousand years. It is urgently important that we realize that the pursuit of happiness through the outside world is a fruitless endeavor. At this very moment, the only way to save our human physical body from suffering is through enlightenment of human wisdom and through the pursuit of freedom of our heart and soul.
We hope the philosophy and worldview of your nation afar will continuously flourish and develop side by side and simultaneously with the Chinese culture as together we work towards the glorified and sacred mission of achieving a future for all human beings free from all worries and anguish.
Best high regards,
Sincerely yours,


Xiao, Wunan
Executive Vice Chairman, Asian Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation