August 3rd, 2018

 Strengthen cooperation among Asian ethnic groups and promote development of Oriental culture

(From, Correspondent: Li Chuanjun) On July 26, the Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation and the World Korean Foundation signed on MOU in Busan, South Korea, aiming to disseminate Oriental values around the world and promote the development of Oriental culture in the new era by strengthening global cooperation among Asian communities.

Mr. Xiao Wunan (left), Executive Vice Chairman of APECF, and Mr. Sang Won Park, President of World Korean Foundation, signs an MOU

Korean Foundation have broad influence in the Asian-American community and have long been committed to the exchanges and cooperation between Asian communities. Since APECF established the China Culture Center (USA) in 2016, it has further promoted exchanges and cooperation among Asian communities such as Chinese-Americans, Japanese Americans and Korean Americans. It has made considerable progress and been highly praised and recognized by the United Nations, the United States federal government and local governments. For example, In May, 2012, US Congresswoman Judy Chu, on behalf of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, presented the Certificate of Congressional Recognition to Mr. Xiao Wunan.

Culture in most Asian countries has a long history, especially East Asian culture which is inseparable from traditional Chinese culture -- Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism have deeply influenced regional culture. In recent years, Asian-Americans' influence in the United States has been increasing, and the promotion of understanding and trust among Asian communities will play an important role in the struggle for social rights for Asian-Americans and the global Asian population. In California elections and Canadian local government elections, candidates who serve Asian-Americans have joined hands to make important breakthroughs, for example, Ms. London Breed was elected Mayor of San Francisco, which fully embodies this point. At the same time, it will play an important role in disseminating Asian values and cultural concepts worldwide and safeguarding world peace. For these reasons, APECF and the World Korean Foundation have agreed to work together to achieve this goal by using global institutions and resources as platforms for their work.

Ms. Judy Chu (left), a US Congresswoman from California and Chairwoman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, presents the Certificate of Congressional Recognition to Mr. Xiao Wunan

The Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation is an international organization founded by dignitaries, renowned scholars, social activists, internationally influential enterprises, and research institutes in the Asia-Pacific region. The foundation aims to create a platform for open dialogue and a consultation mechanism to promote regional exchanges, cooperation and resolution of disputes. Moreover, the foundation seeks to promote the development of eastern civilization in today’s fast changing world by utilizing its influence, creativity and action as well as through public diplomacy, strategic research and public service in an effort to promote world peace and the well-being of all mankind.

The World Korean Foundation is an NGO grouping Korean foundations in America. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles. It aims to inherit and develop traditions and culture of the Korean nation to promote the unity of the Korean nation and peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. It will set up branches in 33 countries around the world and actively promote exchanges and cooperation between Korea and other countries in various fields such as the economy and culture.