December 18th, 2015

APECF helps Qianhai go global

(From December 7, 2015, a grand signing ceremony was held in Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone. Four agreements on key projects have been signed. Politburo member, Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua, Vice Party Secretary, Governor of Guangdong Zhu Xiaodan, Member of the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary of Shenzhen Ma Xingrui and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Executive Vice Chairman of APECF Xiao Wunan(middle), Secretary-General of the Dubai Economic Commission Hani Rashed Al Hamid(second from right) attended the event

Major projects promoted by APECF, Qianhai administrative bureau and the Dubai Economic Council have secured agreements on comprehensive cooperation. According to the MOU, all parties will give full play to their unique advantages and roles and provide professional consulting service on investment environment and policies and regulations through the establishment of cooperation mechanism. Meet the market demand and focus on promoting cooperation between Qianhai-Shekou free trade zone and Dubai free trade zone. The two sides agreed to strengthen exchange and cooperation in finance, modern logistics, information services, technology services, professional services, etc. In addition, the two sides also decided to jointly research and constantly develop innovative models and areas of mutual cooperation, facilitate exchanges and cooperation in key industries. Eventually the two free trade zones can complement each other in leading their respective regions.

Since its foundation in 2012, APECF has been persistently involved in the development of Qianhai, providing comprehensive service for Qianhai in attracting international investment and seeking international cooperation. APECF has become one of the strategic partners for Qianhai and one of the 63 institutes signing the agreement in Hong Kong in 2012. APECF has invited many world-renowned institutions and personages to visit Qianhai,for example, Steve Rockefeller who is one of the renowned Rockefeller families, the ECB President and French Finance Minister Alberto Van Edmund Delhi, Israel's political and economic delegations; APECF has also organized investment promotional events for Qianhai in New York, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and other cities, making great contribution to involve in local enterprises and coordinate with local governments. In 2013, APECF hosted a promotional event for Qianhai at United Nations headquarters in New York. More than 200 United Nations officials and representatives from New York's financial and real estate industry have attended the meeting; Before that, APECF has been actively promoting Qianhai on different occasions and in various international organizations, including recommendation on the international media, contributing a lot to Qianhai's prosperity. By 2015, the APECF has joined with Qianhai administrative bureaus to pay a visit to the United Arab Emirates, which is highly valued by both UAE and the Dubai government and eventually secures this agreement. This is an important step to strengthen bilateral investment and trade relations with Arab countries under the new strategy of "One belt and one road", and will help Qianhai become more international.

Executive Vice Chairman of APECF Xiao Wunan (fifth from left), Secretary-General of the Dubai Economic Commission Hani Rashed Al Hamid Lane (fifth from right) posed in the front of Qianhai monument

APECF has been set up by the incumbent or retired politicians, well-known social activist, influential companies and research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. It has gained recognition from people across different regions and cultural backgrounds and kept extensive and constructive cooperation with governments and organizations based in the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to build an open platform for dialogue and a consultation mechanism to facilitate exchange and settle disputes by using its influence, creativity and execution. It also strives to realize the renaissance of oriental civilization and make sustained efforts to world peace and human well-being through public diplomacy, strategic research and public service, etc. In recent years, APECF has been making significant contribution to China's effort to boost foreign cooperation and promote its culture overseas, winning applause from many international organizations and governments.